Notes From the North

Know Your Grower


Overhead view of DelShen Therapeutics. Photo: Dan Grady.


My name is Dan Grady, and I am the production manager at Delshen Theraputics. I arrived in Northern Ontario via Colorado, but was born and raised in Chicago.  I have been a cannabis cultivator for over 10 years and have worked on projects in multiple states and multiple countries that span every scale from closet growing to acreage outdoors.  I’m well versed in every aspect of controlled environment agriculture, and have experienced a diversity of grow methodologies including organic, synthetic, soil, soil-less, and hydroponic applications.  

My passion for cultivation is rooted in my own medical use of cannabis.  As a disabled veteran, I have found that cannabis is the most effective medicine for treating my symptoms.  I have always loved helping people, and that’s what brought me into the consulting niche.  I really enjoy helping individuals/companies implement successful cultivation practices.

I have landed at DelShen as a permanent fixture of the management team and could not be more proud of what we have achieved to date.  I am happy to set some roots in the north and help build the foundations of what we believe will be a very successful company for years to come.



One unique feature of our geographic location is a prolonged winter season in comparison to most cultivation facilities. 48 degrees north latitude to be precise. This actually bodes very well for indoor cultivation as heat build up indoors is one of the “plagues” of cannabis cultivation.  Our long winter means there is less stress on our HVAC systems for the majority of the year. This translates to a more consistent product with less overall stress.  This is one reason I am excited to work in this facility.

I have been all over North America and experienced cannabis cultivation in many different locations and regulatory environments.  I was absolutely humbled to be invited to join a strong management team back in the Canadian market.  I’m proud to be back in Canada again as a permanent fixture of DelShen Therapeutics.  We have put thousands of hours of planning and training into delivering a product to consumers that we can stand behind.  I look forward to bringing that product to our clients and working with their feedback to ensure that we are creating products that fit their needs.





dan grady. production manager, DelShen Therapeutics.