Notes From the North

Head Well North
Recap of our summer BBQ

Nestled in the great expanse of Kirkland Lake’s tree-filled landscape is 800 acres that now serves as home to 48North's state-of-the-art grow facility, DelShen Therapeutics.  On a rainy Monday afternoon in July, the 48North team joined the grow masterminds of DelShen for a company barbecue, live music, fun and games.


Our remote facility, once a successful tree nursery, has quietly become the site of Canada’s newest revolution: cannabis cultivation. Set against the vivid backdrop of northern Ontario, we enjoyed a carefree afternoon of food, friends and live entertainment and provided a welcome reprise from the bustle of our constantly evolving industry.


Alison Gordon (CEO, 48North) shares a laugh with Dan Grady (Production Manager, DelShen Therapeutics). Together they are shaping and growing a new era of cannabis.


The weather is never predictable in northern Ontario, but it plays an important part in the plants we grow. We’ve learned to take in all in stride (and in fashion!). DelShen team member Carrie McCaw enjoys the lunch and tries to keep dry, while rocking a creative new rain look.


Rob Williams (QA Manager, DelShen) works the grill and serves up Matt Draper (Grow Technician, DelShen) as David Hackett (CFO, 48North) keeps a close eye on the BBQ ratio of sausages to hamburger patties.


Coworkers got the chance to sink each other in the ever-popular dunk tank for $1/throw. All proceeds from the event were donated to Advocates for Northern Animals, a charitable organization based in Kirkland Lake. Over $250 was donated!


As if the rain wasn’t enough, Kevin Helfand (COO, 48North) took a chilly swim in the tank but didn’t look too much the worse for wear when he resurfaced. His suit, however, was less fortunate.


Wade Cachagee, (48North Indigenous Liaison) and David Hackett strategize on the inner workings of the horseshoe toss.


Alison Gordon takes a moment to thank the entire team for all of their commitment and achievement so far: “This happens but once in a lifetime. Only once will there be this wave of legalization, and you can tell the next generations how you helped change the perception of cannabis. Let’s make it count.”


Christine Laforge (HR Manager, DelShen) and her partner Sean Mackenzie make up the talented duo behind A Beautiful Crash and treated us all to a few sets of their covers and original songs, proving what a multifaceted and talented team we have!


Wayne Corman (Maintenance Supervisor, DelShen) walks the grounds of DelShen Therapeutics, appreciating the land that has helped bring this company to life.


Photography by Mark Sommefeld