Notes From The North

Grow Well North


DelShen Therapeutics is dedicated to cannabis cultivation and is on a quest for the best phenotypes—the specific strains of cannabis that will yield great results and a great experience for consumers. It is an arduous task as a particular seed performs well in one place is no guarantee it will thrive in another. To find the right phenotypes, the grow team worked with hundreds of seeds that represent dozens of strains, test growing six at a time. Those that perform well—a small fraction of the total— will move into production.

DelShen’s vision is to bring cannabis to the market that’s representative of what consumers want. Our cultivation is based on data-driven determinations in the production of cannabis. It is significant that the production is not limited to a specific number of strains rather through extensive testing of varieties of strains, where we can select the most promising cultivar to become a “mother plant.”


Every other plant of the same kind will be cloned from it. This is the first step to achieving highly predictable results. Our plants grow inside under artificial light, which allows for a high level of control over temperature, humidity, light cycles, and more. By controlling the light cycle (18 hours of light, six hours of darkness), mother plants never flower. They remain in a vegetative state indefinitely. Plants propagate through cuttings from these mother plants, not seeds.

The tightly controlled growing environment ensures plants of a specific height, another factor in ensuring a predictable yield. Once a cloned plant reaches a specific height, it moves into a flowering room. An extended dark period, which mimics shorter days at the end of a growing season, sets the flowering process in motion. Is there a perfect moment for harvesting? Yes and no.


Timing depends on your goals as a grower. If you want a higher THC content, you tend to harvest a bit earlier. If you’re appealing to connoisseurs looking for flavour, you might harvest a little later. To see what is going on with a plant’s chemistry, the grow team studies the sticky outgrowths on the leaves and buds under a microscope. These tiny areas, called trichomes, change in colour and transparency as they fill with cannabinoids and other compounds. The harvested product goes into a secure, climate-controlled vault. Here, the cannabis is vacuum sealed, put into light-proof bins, stored at a specific temperature and maintained at a precise humidity.


DelShen is a technologically advanced facility with many unique automation features that allow a high level of control over water consumption and the plants’ nutrient regime. We have taken things to a pharmaceutical level of production in line with GMP and GPP (Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Production Practices).


Drip irrigation happens off of climate-controlled central reservoirs: We can program as many waterings for as much time at any interval we want. CO2 systems inject into every room to supplement plant physiology and boost metabolism. Each room is separately sealed, and under positive pressure so if you open the door, air from the room will actually blow out. That way, contamination cannot come in the doorway. 

DelShen has thousands of seeds with the potential for cultivation, but it is a matter of finding the right one.